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Do you ever wish you were part of a community with other like-minded parents who celebrate and guide you through your experiences? Find your tribe at Modern Parent, a collective of parents and experts raising the next generation.

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Modern Parent is not only a community with thousands of parents and experts sharing guides and tips, but also a modern-day online publication. Parents just like you share their daily experiences with our readers. Want them to hear your story?

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Being a parent is difficult, maybe the most difficult thing there is to do. You're not alone. Seek and share wisdom from our Modern Parent community of experts and parents.


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We've heard our fair share of parenting stories. Many of them are educational, some are funny, and some stories terrify even our own editors. We realize every parent's situation is unique, and sharing and reading stories remind us that we're all in this together.


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You don't live in your parent's generation. And the skillset and tools of raising a child, whether a toddler or an adult, continue to change. Modern Parent is a growing but new community that you'll help shape as you evolve in your journey as a parent.

What's Coming Next?

Private communities tailored for just you

Modern Parent is an international community of parents with diverse backgrounds. Learn local wisdom and parenting techniques from our members all around the world. We are planning both geographically and topic-based groups for you to find your group.

Parenting resources

We're organizing expert talks, anonymous Q&A functionality, and a collection of guides and tips to guide parents in any situation. Modern Parent exists to help you navigate the world, and you'll play a big part in helping us achieve that.

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